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Oztech Inc. is an engineering consulting and R&D company close to The Ohio State University campus located in Columbus, Ohio.

Oztech Inc. was established in 1985 and has been delivering R&D results, investigations on the use of new technology in systems and control in general, and transportation systems in particular since then.


Prof. Umit Ozguner, Founder & President

Expert in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), IV (Intelligent Vehicles), and CPS (Cyber Physical Systems)


Prof. Fusun Ozguner, Founder & Vice President

Expert in embedded systems, V2V communication, real-time distributed computing and fault tolerance in digital systems.

Oztech Inc. has a number of resident research engineers and software developers. Depending on the project, we also work with a number of experts around the world as consultants.

Trust in our experience over 20 years

Vehicle dynamic modelling and analysis

Modeling different types of vehicles, then running  simulations to analyze both control and decision making algorithms under various conditions 

Networked control system delay problems

Identifying and considering the delays thorughtout the transfer of data, from the sensors to the local processing units, and also the delays in V2V communication.

AVL system development

Automatic vehicle locating (AVL) is a tool to manage the fleets of vehicles such as service vehicles, emergency vehicles, and public transport vehicles such as buses and trains.

Due to various adversary effects (e.g., tall buildings in urban areas, dense forest areas, indoor environments) AVL accuracy may drop. Therefore, there are both traditional (e.g., Kalman filters), and learning-based methods to improve accuracy under adversary conditions. 

And more...

  • Evaluation of automotive technology developments

  • Decentralized controller design

  • Autonomous vehicle algorithm design, analysis, testing and evaluation

  • Traffic and transportation technologies

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