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We design, model, simulate, and test automated vehicles. Any shape, any size, any number of wheels.

We create the simulation environment. Describe it to us. Give us your data. Or use one of our "worlds."

Tell us the desired functionality. We can develop both the higher and lower level control algorithms.

Tell us your choice of sensors. Or we can help with choices and installation locations

We provide the tools for automated vehicle simulation & analysis

Our Test Environments

The Oztech Modular Design Environment (MODE)

The Oztech Modular Design Environment is a flexible simulation and testing environment that can be utilized for different autonomous, semi-autonomous, or collaborative vehicles in different application domains and different operational scenarios.

We request point-cloud data from expected simulation environment to create the digital-twin of the environment in our simulation tools.


A mining layout where the extract is carried from one location to another


A generic intersection that we test & validate autonomous vehicles

Mode anchor

Oztech MODE Simulation Framework


Architecture of the Oztech MODE simulator


Layout of remote data collection & mapping system

Why oztech mode ?

The Oztech modular design environment (MODE) provides you with a testbed for the development and testing of autonomous vehicle solutions. This includes a suite of customized environments, vehicles, and sensors.



Custom environments can be modeled and imported into MODE or created from point cloud data. The current configuration comes with a mine and a track environment.

Vehicle Modeling

Leverages the Gazebo simulator for multibody dynamics modeling of many different vehicle configurations.

Integration with ROS

Integrated with ROS for message passing, node management, and package management. This allows the simulation environment to leverage the libraries and full capabilities of the ROS environment. This also allows for co-simulation with MATLAB, Simulink, and SUMO.

Rich Sensor Suite

Several sensor models such as camera, LiDAR, radar, GPS, and IMU are available through plugins and can be customized to your specifications. Custom sensors can be created in 5ROS nodes or Gazebo plugins.

Sensor Visualization

Leverages rviz for sensor and data visualization.

Vehicles & algorithms

A variety of different vehicle types are provided:

  • Passenger vehicle

  • Articulated truck

  • Semi-truck with trailer or flatbed attachment

  • Multi-axle carrier

Custom vehicle configurations and dynamics can also be developed per specifications.

Several algorithms have been developed for the control of these vehicles:

  • Path planning & tracking

  • Object detection

  • Decision-making

  • Mapping and localization

  • Human control

MODE2D interface, easy and customizable. A video example for testing a single scenario visualization using MODE2D


Our 2D simulation environment (MODE2D) not only offers x1000 boost the simulation capabilities, but also provides customization tools for scenarios with its user-friendly GUI, and basic visualization capabilities.

Coming soon...


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